Raiders to Las Vegas?

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The Oakland Raiders are a below average team in the NFL, but seem to be on the rise in the AFC West division. Last season, the Raiders won 7 games and lost 9 games. However, it seemed that the Raiders might finally have a couple of superstars that can lead the team to at least a .500 record this season. With Derek Carr at quarterback and Amari Cooper at wide receiver leading the team, Raiders fans finally may have something to look forward to the season.

The Raider’s home, the Oakland Alameda Coliseum, is the smallest NFL stadium in the league. They also share the stadium with the Oakland Athletics of the MLB. The owner of the Oakland Raiders was “absolutely encouraged” by stadium discussions in Las Vegas according to an interview by Heidi Fang of Las Vegas Review-Journal. If the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, they would most likely have not only a bigger stadium, but not have to share a stadium with another team. The Raiders were seriously considering moving back to Los Angeles. However, the Rams ended up closing the deal with Los Angeles before the Raiders could. If the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, they would have a new fan base which could possibly bring more money to the team.

Overall the Raiders team wouldn’t be leaving much in Oakland except a few die-hard fans. If the Raiders want to move to Las Vegas, they should look to move within the next couple of years before the team has a chance to be a playoff bound team.

-Dylan Morales



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