Baylor Football Player Accused of Stalking Felony

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Baylor offensive lineman Rami Hammad is facing felony stalking charges after his ex-girlfriend told police of several incidents where Rami harassed her, tracked her down, and physically assaulted her twice. One report of assault was at the Baylor athletic facilities in Waco, Texas.

On July 7th, Hammad’s ex-girlfriend reported him waiting for her outside of her classroom. She then went inside her classroom to wait with her professor for Hammad to leave. Hammad was reported to have knocked on the door continuously as the professor tried to contact the athletic department but no one answered. The Baylor police were then called by the professor.

Baylor officials announced Tuesday that Hammad will be suspended from all team activities associated with the Baylor football team. He is out on bond after being booked in McLennan County Jail for third-degree felony stalking.

Hammad was ordered by police on July 7th and then again on July 11th by investigators to stay away from the woman, but he was not arrested.

The woman reported 3 more separate cases on July 12th, July 13th, and July 26th. Hammad tried to communicate to her through her friends, and even had a meal sent to her home from her favorite restaurant. The woman said she is no longer feeling safe living in Waco, so she moved back to her hometown, which is out-of-state.

Hammad told police that he has been looking for her in hotels, apartments, and parking lots. Hammad told Baylor police that he “just wanted to talk to the victim in an attempt to mend their troubled relationship.”