4 Most Intriguing QB Camp Battles

Photo Credit : sacbee.com

As the NFL offseason passes through and preseason gets closer and closer, many players are looking to earn their spot on the starting roster. But for some, it’s not just about getting a spot. It’s about being the go-to guy; the player to lead the offense. That’s exactly what the players in this article are trying to do. Here are the 4 most intriguing quarterback camp battles this season.

PHI Philadelphia Eagles: Sam Bradford vs. Carson Wentz 

The Eagles made a big trade with the Rams last season trading away quarterback Nick Foles in exchange for Sam Bradford. Though some could say the Eagles got the better end of the deal, it didn’t go exactly as expected for either team. Nick Foles was just recently cut by Los Angeles and the Eagles showed they weren’t fully comfortable with Bradford when they went and drafted rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. Now Bradford will be looking to edge out the young quarterback and establish himself as the face of the franchise. But even with some saying Wentz won’t get many snaps this season, he will definitely give Bradford a run for his money.

Projected Winner: Sam Bradford 


STL Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff vs. Case Keenum 

When a quarterback is taken first overall nowadays, it more often than not means he’ll start that season. But in this case it isn’t that simple. Case Keenum was able to edge off Nick Foles as the starter last season, so he could do the same to the rookie Jared Goff. It has been reported that Goff is having trouble adjusting to the NFL, so it will be a close race.

Projected Winner: Jared Goff 


DEN Denver Broncos: Mark Sanchez vs. Paxton Lynch

It’s unusual to see a team coming off a Super Bowl victory looking for a new quarterback. Both Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch got the chance of a lifetime to try to solidify a starting position on such a great team. Lynch was taken with the last pick of the first round in the draft and Sanchez is a guy who’s hopped around to many teams looking for a place to call home. Whether Lynch or Sanchez starts week 1 doesn’t really matter to me because I think both of these guys will get multiple chances to start throughout the season.

Projected Winner: Mark Sanchez 


SF San Francisco 49ers: Colin Kaepernick vs. Blaine Gabbert 

This, in my books, will be the closest race of them all. Kaepernick has led the 49ers to a Super Bowl, but has had a more than disappointing last 2 seasons and Gabbert is a guy that put up starter-worthy numbers last season, but has never really proven to be consistent. With how much money the 49ers have already paid Kapernick, I’m sure they hope he can go back to elite status. But Gabbert has definitely proven he can lead the 49ers.

Projected Winner: Blaine Gabbert 


-Marcus White

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