Ben Simmons: A Franchise Player

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Ben Simmons was the overall first round pick of the 2016 NBA Draft. Everybody knew the Philadelphia 76ers wouldn’t pass up on a for-sure player like Simmons. Simmons is a born leader and can arguably compete with any superstars in the NBA today. During the 2016 Summer League Tournament, Simmons lit up the crowd with his sensational court vision and an astonishing 5.5 assists per game. Kyrie Irving only recorded 4.7 assist per game last season, which is still good for a point guard.

What sets Simmons apart is how he comes into the league with such a veteran I.Q. and court vision. He is able to see plays develop and take the game into his own hands if he needs to. He is a forward that can dish the ball like a point guard and can finish with contact near the rim like a center. Although Simmons isn’t exactly your lights out shooter, he makes up with his ability to finish around the rim.

The 76ers scored big with Simmons, and he should be their franchise player. They need to build their team around Simmons and center  Jahlil Okafor to do better than their last couple of seasons. Needless to say, the Simmons and Okafor combination is a scary one for any organization.

-Dylan Morales


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