MLB Trade Deadline

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

The MLB trade deadline is right around the corner, and several playoff contenders are looking to add that final piece to put them over the top. With the addition of the second wildcard team, which was added a few years back, several teams are being optimistic about making the playoffs. The wild card race in each league is very close and nobody can clearly predict who is going to turn out on top.

The Chicago Cubs recently acquired closer Aroldis Chapman in a trade with the New York Yankees for numerous prospects. While he was the first domino to fall, he certainly won’t be the last. Which team will be next? What team is ready to part with a portion of their future in exchange for a chance to win it all now?

It’s certainly a risky business, as teams could be trading for 2-month rentals instead of full-year players. Sometimes, teams are willing to risk it all. Come July 31st, we will what teams are serious about winning it all this year.