5 Sports that will Have a Popularity Boost in the U.S. Within the Next 10 Years

Photo Credit: MMA Fighting

Over the year, sports have gained and lost popularity, but in this list I will be predicting what sports will have a large boost in popularity in the US over the next 5-10 years ( in no particular order.)


5. Baseball

Baseball is considered America’s pastime, but lately it has been overshadowed by Basketball and Football. But, with this great season the Chicago Cubs are having, and all of the buzz surrounding Chris Sale cutting up jerseys, more people have been attracted to baseball to see the people and teams they have heard so much about in the news.


4. Soccer

America did very well in Copa America and it was also held in the US for the first time. In my opinion, the reason why soccer in an a up-and-coming sport is because the US has a national team, unlike other sports which only assemble a national team to play when it is time for the Olympics every couple of years. They play each year, which makes it very entertaining because you always will get to see the best of the best.


3. IndyCar

IndyCar will be a very popular sport in the near future. Some of the best drivers ever have driven an IndyCar such as AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Helio Castroneves, and one of the first ever female IndyCar & NASCAR drivers, Danica Patrick.


The sport is also very risky due to having no roof, so if the car flips, it could cause head trauma or worse. This produces the uncertainty fans want in a sport.




2. Football

Football is a popular sport to watch, but not as many people play it. Players are always worried about getting some type of injury, such as a concussion or a torn ACL. Even though football players wear padding and a helmet, it is still very easy to get injured. That’s what stops most people from playing, so more people will start watching.


1. UFC

UFC is a sport most people never consider taking part in during their life. It has caused many injuries, and on some occasions, has even caused death. The reason it is so popular is because it is more relatable to a younger crowd than boxing is. Also, it is very exciting because of all the drama, such as fighters retiring and then coming back to the UFC.


-Chase Hudson