NCAA will Reward #1 Overall Seed in March Madness Tournament

Photo Credit: FOX Sports

Starting in the 2017 NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament, the team that earns the number 1 overall seed in the tournament will be able to choose their location for the first 2 rounds of the tournament (the Round of 64 and the Round of 32).

There are a total 8 locations for each of the 48 total games in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament. These 8 arenas used during the 1st weekend of the tournament are chosen by the NCAA beforehand, so the team that is awarded the number 1 overall seed in the tournament by the NCAA’s selection committee must out of the 8 locations to play their 1st and 2nd round (only if they win in the 1st round, which has happened 100% of the time in all of history) games.

Teams that will be in contention for that number 1 seed come selection Sunday will be looking at and valuing things such as how close the arena is to their college campus, and what time zone that arena is in if the team opts for a location that is not relatively close to their campus.

-Asher Fair