Top Five Wide Receivers in the NFL (By Potential)

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5. Demaryius Thomas, 28, plays in the mile high city for the Denver Broncos. He was a part of the team’s victory in Super Bowl 50. Thomas is a great play-making receiver, and is also really tall and fast which makes him a great asset to the Denver Broncos.

4. Julio Jones, 27, who plays for the Atlanta Falcons, has become one of Matt Ryan’s (quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons) favorite targets. With 6,201 receiving yards and 34 touchdowns in his career so far, he is worthy of the title of one of the top five wide receivers in the NFL .

3. Antonio Brown, 27, plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ever since he was drafted in 2010, he’s had multiple thousand yard receiving seasons. In total, he has over 7,000 yards in his career, and in my opinion he could be one of the NFL’s best wide receivers ever.

2. Odell Beckham Jr., 23, is a receiver for the New York Giants. He is mainly known for his amazing one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys, but he hasn’t only had one amazing play in his career. In fact, in his first season he had over 1,300 receiving yards, and had over 1,400 yards in his 2nd season.

1. Amari Cooper, 22, is going in to his second season as an Oakland Raider.  He performed well in his rookie season, and he has great potential to become an NFL great. He had 1,070 receiving yards and his first season, and he should definitely improve. He is sure to be a huge playmaker, and will be a top wideout in the near future.