NFL Teams Most Likely to Earn Their First Title

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13 NFL teams have yet to win a Super Bowl title. Some more so than others have a better chance of winning their first. So here are my rankings for teams with the best chance of holding the Lombardi trophy for the first time.

1. Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals are one of the best overall teams in the NFL. Both offensively and defensively, they’re at the top of the league.

2. Carolina Panthers 

The Panthers came one game away from moving out of this category last season. They’ll look to go all the way this time.

3. Cincinnati Bengals 

Much like the Cardinals, the Bengals are a great all-around team. They make the playoffs almost every year but the problem is they can’t go any further than the Wild Card round.

4. Minnesota Vikings 

They proved they’re a competitive team, coming only one missed field goal away from knocking out the Seahawks in the playoffs last season.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 

They’re a young team on the rise. With the stellar offense, the sky is the limit for them.

6. Houston Texans 

The Texans have made many changes this offseason. Only time will tell whether they work out.

7. Atlanta Falcons 

Atlanta has a lot of holes to fill, but Matt Ryan and Julio Jones’ great chemistry could be enough to keep the Falcons competitive.

8. Buffalo Bills 

The Bills have quietly been building up quite the team this off-season. They could be the dark horse in the AFC this season.

9. Philadelphia Eagles 

The Eagles have had problems, but drafting Carson Wentz could be the answer.

10. San Diego Chargers 

Philip Rivers is one of the most underrated QB’s in the NFL. The only thing holding him back from a ring is the Chargers lack of depth.

11. Detroit Lions 

It’s sad that Calvin Johnson had to retire without a ring. Now with him out of the picture, the Lions have an even less likely chance of being called champions.

12. Tennessee Titans 

They may not be considered a “good team” right now, but they’re headed in the right direction.

13. Cleveland Browns 

Even with the Cavaliers winning they’re first championship, the Browns are still the team furthest away from a championship.

-Marcus White