Fan Vote: Who is the Most Underrated QB in NFL?

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Here are the results for the fan vote of “Who is the most underrated QB in the NFL?”

Tony Romo: 25%

Tyrod Taylor: 16.7%

Eli Manning: 8.3%

Alex Smith: 8.3%

Philip Rivers: 8.3%

Matthew Stafford: 4.2%

Jameis Winston: 4.2%

Drew Brees: 4.2%

Carson Palmer: 4.2%

Ryan Fitzpatrick: 4.2%

Joe Flacco: 4.2%

Andy Dalton: 4.2%

Matt Ryan: 4.2%

So Romo took this vote. Here are my rankings of the players voted for.

1. Drew Brees 

2. Carson Palmer 

3. Tony Romo 

4. Philip Rivers 

5. Matt Ryan 

6. Andy Dalton 

7. Eli Manning 

8. Joe Flacco 

9. Matthew Stafford 

10. Ryan Fitzpatrick 

11. Alex Smith

12. Jameis Winston 

13. Tyrod Taylor 

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-Marcus White