The Case for Bumgarner in the HR Derby

Photo Credit: With 11 home runs in the past 2 seasons plus this one (175 at-bats), San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner actually has a solid argument of being in this year’s MLB Home Run Derby.  To compare Bumgarner’s hitting with others’ hitting, in 173 at-bats this season 2015 National League Most Valuable Player Bryce Harper has hit 13 home runs, and fellow star … Continue reading The Case for Bumgarner in the HR Derby

Largest Contracts in Sports History

Example: Number. Player (Team)- (Salary Years), Salary Amount   10. Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)- (2014-2020), $215 million 9. David Price (Boston Red Sox)- (2016-2022), $217 million 8. Joey Votto (Cincinnati Reds)- (2014-2023), $225 million 7. Robinson Cano (Seattle Mariners)- (2014-2023), $240 million 6. Albert Pujols (Los Angeles Angels)- (2012-2021), $240 million 5.  Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)- (2015-2017), $240 million 4. Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)- (2016-2023), $252 … Continue reading Largest Contracts in Sports History

Organizing Starting NFL Quarterbacks by Tier

Photo Credit: These are not my quarterback rankings in any particular order, I am simply separating them all by tier. Tier 1: Franchise Quarterbacks Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger Cam Newton Russell Wilson Drew Brees Andrew Luck Tier 2: Proven Winners Eli Manning Philip Rivers Carson Palmer Tony Romo Joe Flacco Matt Ryan Tier 3: Rising Stars Andy Dalton Derek Carr Jameis Winston … Continue reading Organizing Starting NFL Quarterbacks by Tier

June 8th MLB Power Rankings & Trends

Photo Credit:, SEE UPDATED POWER RANKINGS AND TRENDS HERE: June 9th MLB Power Rankings & Trends June 8th, 2016- Records and trends are indicated next to each team. The trends reflect movement from the previous power rankings. There has been a lot of movement recently, particularly between the 2nd down through about the 15th spots. Each of those teams is playing at very similar levels to one … Continue reading June 8th MLB Power Rankings & Trends

NFL Division Power-Rankings

Photo Credit: In continuation of our power-rankings series, here are the rankings of every division in the NFL: NFC West AFC North NFC North AFC West NFC South AFC East AFC South NFC East Some of these division could be huge sleepers this year, however. Take a look at the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now loaded with talent, now they just have … Continue reading NFL Division Power-Rankings

Fan Vote: Best #2 Receiver in the NFL

Photo Credit : Using the website’s Instagram page, I’ve been asking questions to the followers and seeing what results I get. So in this article, I’ll be showing the results for the question of “Who is the best number 2 receiver in the NFL?”. So here are the results… Randall Cobb: 29.7% Allen Hurns: 21.6% Emmanuel Sanders: 18.9% Eric Decker: 10.8% Michael Crabtree: 8.1% Michael Floyd: 8.1% Donte Moncrief: 2.7% So … Continue reading Fan Vote: Best #2 Receiver in the NFL