June 6th MLB Power Rankings & Trends

Photo Credit: wallpapercave.com, cbssports.com SEE UPDATED POWER RANKINGS AND TRENDS HERE: June 12th MLB Power Rankings and Trends June 6th, 2016- Records and trends are indicated next to each team. The trends reflect movement from the previous power rankings. There has been a lot of movement recently, particularly between the 2nd down through about the 14th spots. Each of those teams is playing at very similar levels to one … Continue reading June 6th MLB Power Rankings & Trends

Aqib Talib Hospitalized, Released

Photo Credit: FOX Sports Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was in a Texas hospital after having been shot in the leg on Sunday morning. Talib was released earlier today, despite the assumption that he may not have been able to get out for a few days. This past season, Aqib Talib had a total of 39 tackles and 3 interceptions (2 went for touchdowns). Even though Talib’s stats don’t show … Continue reading Aqib Talib Hospitalized, Released