Jared McCann Trade Proves Canucks are in Trouble

Photo Credit: http://www.hockeysfuture.com

On May 25th, the Vancouver Canucks sent almost 20 year-old forward Jared McCann, a second (33 overall) and a fourth (93 overall) round draft pick to the Florida Panthers for 24 year-old defenceman Erik Gudbranson and a fifth (139 overall) round draft pick.

Now, this trade doesn’t really seem like much on the outside, but when you look deeper, the GM of the Canucks, Jim Benning, has made some really bad moves that have really doomed the future of the Canucks. This chart from Mike Darnay (@MikeDarnay on Twitter) showcases some of the players and picks that Jim Benning has given up since July 1st, 2015.

(Special attention to all the draft picks given up)

Now on the outside, it doesn’t seem like a bad trade, a somewhat good defensive defenceman in Gudbranson, and a forward prospect in Jared McCann, who showed some promise this past season.

The only problem is, that trade would look good for a playoff contending team who needed a little bit of defensive help. But, that is definitely not what the Canucks are. They still think that they’re the 2011 Vancouver Canucks who made the Cup Final only to fall to the big, bad Boston Bruins. As a direct result, the Canucks tried to become big and bad just like the Bruins they lost to. Only problem is, they need to rebuild first, and everyone but Canucks management is shouting at them to begin the rebuild.

Instead, they’re trying to rebuild on the run, acting like they’re a much better team than one that just finished 3rd last in the league. Current Canucks like the Sedin twins, Vrbata, Burrows and Miller are reaching the end of their careers, so Vancouver is trying to win right now, for that reason. And because they’re doing that, they’re spoiling their future by trying to win it all now.


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