Conference Rumors

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Conference expansion rumor season is back once again. This year most of the speculation is centered around the Big 12. But as is always the case, this leads to rumors of expansion in other conferences as well.    Of course, at this time these are all rumors and most of the serous talk is going on behind closed doors.  Only time will tell if there is any truth to all the speculation.

 Big 12

The Big 12 is said to be adding four new teams, making the conference total 14 teams.  On the North side, they are rumored to be adding BYU and  Air Force . In the South, there are a few more teams in the mix such as SMU, Tulane, New Mexico, Houston, and Rice.


The SEC would only make a few changes according to speculation. They are rumored to be considering  Memphis in the West and either or ECU or UCF in the East.  Also, there are some that think Missouri could be moved to the SEC West while Auburn would move to the SEC East.  There is also some talk that Arkansas could move to the Big 12 and Oklahoma would move to the SEC West.


The ACC would not add too many teams, but the Northern division  could possibly add Connecticut and West Virginia. Navy is possibly in the mix as well.

 Big Ten

They are not rumored to be actively trying to expand. Cincinnati is being talked about for the East, while many still dream about adding Notre Dame to the west.

Pac 12

Pac 12 could conceivably become the Pac 16. The northern division of the Pac 12 are rumored to be considering Utah.  There is more speculation in the Southern division as to whether or not more teams could be added. These teams include Colorado State, Hawaii, UNLV, Air Force and Nevada.

So why do all these rumors come up each year about conference expansion?  It comes down to one thing: money. Each of these conferences are trying to obtain the best composition that will allow them to compete for the most lucrative television contracts. Only time will tell if any of these rumors come true.