Top 16 NFL Matchups of 2016

Photo Credit:

  1. Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers
  2. New England Patriots @ Arizona Cardinals
  3. Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos
  4. New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos
  5. Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings (both)
  6. Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers
  7. Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings
  8. New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  9. Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals (both)
  10. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (both)
  11. Seattle Seahawks @ New England Patriots
  12. Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers
  13. Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals
  14. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos (both)
  15. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders (both)
  16. Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers

-Asher Fair

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