’95-’96 Bulls Against ’15-’16 Warriors

Photo Credits: cbssports.com

With Golden State beating the 95-96 Bulls win record of 72 wins a long thought about a very controversial question has become relevant. Which of the two best teams would come out on top in a head to head game or even a series of games? Some think the Bulls; others think Warriors, yet most have a biased opinion toward which team is closer to their generation. The battle between old school and new age basketball. This article is meant express the unbiased opinions and let you chose with the information given which team would come out on top.

Many factors have arisen that could alter the game(s) fate including the stadium location, Steve Kerr, fully healthy players, best of 7 or a single game, ETC. Both of the teams clearly have depth to their roster, so fatigue or inexperience wouldn’t get the best of the match up. The 95-96 bulls are arguably the best team ever along with the best defensive team ever, yet Golden State matches up well offensively. Some questions loom about the 1 on 1 match ups that would participate in the game like who would cover Jordan or Curry?

Shooting wise Steve Kerr’s Warriors are better than his former teammates on the Bulls, but who can stop Michael Jordan on the drive? Dennis Rodman was a rebounding machine beating Golden State’s top rebounder, Draymond Green, by 5½ rebounds per game. Phil Jackson’s Bulls specialized in a full court press and shutting down the big name players of opposing teams although that would be harder against 2-3 big name players such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. To say the least it is defiantly in the capability of both teams to outplay each other whether that’s defensively or offensively.This match up would be a have to see thing.

In my opinion I feel the Bulls would come out on top, but this article is meant for you to form your own opinion off what has been presented. I feel the 95-96 Bulls along with Jordan will forever be the greatest of all time. Although the Warriors would give Chicago a run for their money with their offensive shooting tactics, I feel Dennis Rodman along with his other outstanding defensive team mates would persevere and win the game(s) by shutting down the Warriors shooting.

-Zac Crutchfield

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