Troy Williams Declares for NBA Draft

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The 21-year-old Troy Williams, a forward from Indiana University, has declared that he is going to enter the NBA draft. Williams will not hire an agent because of the new NCAA rules that allows players to come back to continue their college play if not drafted and if they do not have an agent.

He has great potential to be drafted. However, on offense he needs to work on ball handling and shot selection.  On defense he is mediocre, but is scrappy and goes after the ball. He needs to realize that he is not LeBron James or Stephen Curry and that he has a long way to go to make it to their level. The fans sat Indiana starting referring to him as Good Troy or Bad Troy, never knowing  which one would show up at the games. If he hopes to be come a professional player, then he needs to realize that he needs further development in these areas.

One thing Williams has going for him is that he is a hard worker. He will go on the floor and get the ball for you. He also loves to attack and go into the paint, but at the same time he also has a good jump shot.  In my opinion,  if he makes it to a team that complements his skill set, he will have a good shot in the NBA.  Whether or not he gets drafted this year depends on whether a team is out there who wants to mold his raw talent. If not, he may have to mature over the next season under Coach Tom Crean at Indiana.