Indycar Cancels Boston Race

Photo Credit: The 15th out of 16 scheduled races for this year’s Verizon Indycar Series has been scratched from the calendar due to local opposition regarding the event. The Indycars were set to race around an 11-turn street course in the Boston seaport district on Sunday, September 4th, but that race will no longer go on. The speeds would have reached up to 170 miles per … Continue reading Indycar Cancels Boston Race

Conley Almost Throws No-No

Photo Credit: ESPN Adam Conley, 4 outs away from history, grimaced as he saw manager Don Mattingly make his way out to the mound.  With 116 pitches under his belt, Mattingly had to make a tough, yet inevitable, decision; pull him. Last year, there were only 40 120+ pitch performances, and only 1 came in April.  Conley, a talented young lefty for the Miami Marlins, … Continue reading Conley Almost Throws No-No

2016 NBA Draft Lottery Odds

Photo Credit: With the NBA Draft lottery and NBA draft coming up, here are the odds for each of the 14 lottery teams to land at each position in the top 14. This year’s seeding (although there are scenarios in which other teams can receive some of these picks depending on where they land): Philadelphia 76ers Los Angeles Lakers Brooklyn Nets (belongs to Boston Celtics) … Continue reading 2016 NBA Draft Lottery Odds

Current Round 2-3 NFL Draft Order

Photo Credit:   Round 2: 32. Cleveland Browns 33. Tennessee Titans 34. Dallas Cowboys 35. San Diego Chargers 36. Baltimore Ravens 37. Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco 49ers) 38. Jacksonville Jaguars 39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40. New York Giants 41. Chicago Bears 42. Miami Dolphins 43. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams) 44. Oakland Raiders 45. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams) 46. … Continue reading Current Round 2-3 NFL Draft Order